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  The EFT Course  
The Standard in the field--the place to start 
Video instruction on DVD or CD for $60--discounts available 
60 Day Money Back Guarantee 
Contains over 13 hours of quality video instruction on all the EFT basics as well as the "art of delivery".  This is the foundational course from which thousands of professionals and lay people alike have learned EFT.  The videos allow you to "instant replay" for ease in learning.  You can begin using EFT after the first video.  The rest of the videos help you refine your skills. 
- 13 full length videos 
(Divided into Part I and Part II) 
- 4 hours of audios 
- The EFT Manual 
- All for $60--discounts available 
- 60 day money back guarantee 
EFT: EFT Course 13 videos on DVD or CD 3 hours on audio 1 manual on CD. $60.00 Qty
  Complete details  
EFTU: Steps toward becoming The Ultimate Therapist13 videos on DVD or CD 1 Transcript on CD. $60.00 Qty
EFTP: From EFT to the Palace of Possibilities13 videos on DVD or CD 1 manual on CD. $60.00 Qty
EFTS1: EFT Specialty Series 1 - 14 videos on DVD or CD 1 manual on CD. $60.00 Qty
EFTS2: EFT Specialty Series 2 - 16 videos on DVD or CD 1 Handout on CD. $60.00 Qty
EFTB: Borrowing Benefits15 videos on DVD or CD $60.00 Qty

  40% discount if your order totals $100 or more