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"Enzymes don't only help the sick, they help everyone. If you're over the age of 27, your body is no longer producing the amount of enzymes that it needs to run smoothly and because of that fact, it's around this time that things start falling apart. We're here to try to help you put it back together." 
William Wong, ND.,PhD. 
Web address: www.drwong.info 
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Zymitol®   the new standard in broad-spectrum systemic enzyme therapy. With today's technology we are able to bring you an enzyme formula that couldn't even have been conceived in years past. You can be confident in using Zymitol as part of your pain and inflammation programs. * 
Naticor™   describes what just may be the most effective, targeted, fibrin fighter available  anywhere. Naticor™ contains only active ingredients captured in a vegetable capsule. Its formula consists of five extra strength proteolytic enzymes - Nattokinase NSK-SD, Serrapeptase, G+ NPH™ , G+ pro 4.0™ and G+ pro AP 3.0™ - combined with R(+) lipoic acid, rutoside and a unique mineral matrix to provide you with a product you can trust. 
Digesticol™   in our opinion, describes the most complete, perfectly synergistic digestive formula available. Digesticol™ promotes the process of converting virtually any food you consume into its most usable forms while supporting proper elimination of toxins and waste, leaving you with a cleaner, healthier body. 
Nattalone™ describes the most important fibrin degradation formula since Naticor. Nattalone™ was developed for the consumer that requires the circulatory health and fibrin fighting benefits of 
Naticor™ but is restricted from its use due to that individual's consumption of warfarin based blood thinners. Nattalone™ stands alone, as the alternative to Naticor™ in these cases. 
Serralone™ The only enzyme in this potent proteolytic enzyme formula is Serrapeptase. Serralone is a powerful inflammation normalizer that breaks down "non living" matter in the human body. This action may promote a reduction in levels of dead tissue, and may also promote normal mucous levels. * Serralone offers an extreme value at 40,000 SU per capsule and is a wonderful adjunct to any systemic oral enzyme therapy at one to three capsules a day.  
Fibromyalgia; its Root Cause of Pain - Fibrosis.  
with Treatment Protocols for Recovery, and other articles by Dr. Wong 
"Fibrosis, the Enemy of Life"  
Systemic Enzymes to buy online, help beat cystic fibrosis and fibromyalgia with Vitalzym & Zymitol    
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